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Celtic Family Magazine is devoted exclusively to serving Celtic communities and their descendants by providing global news on travel, entertainment, art, culture, history, events, dining, exhibits, and the very best in shopping. Published by A Raven Above Press, Celtic Family Magazine enjoys a dedicated readership of Celtic descendants, enthusiasts, historians, and all who may be interested in Celtic-related news and culture. 

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Summer Issue #12 (Pre-Order, Street Date 7/21/16!)

The Summer Issue #12, with a special Celtic pirate focus, features an exclusive interview with Celtic pirate band Potcheen, Matt Couper about his scrimshaw artwork, Pirate Shantyman and Bonnie Lass, and stories on Grace O'Malley, Black Bart - Welsh pirate, Gods of the Sea Kingdoms - a journey into the myth, legend and folklore of the Celtic seas, Poldark's Cornwall part 2, the Oseberg Ship, Celtic Tattoos, the Port an Eilean Mhòir Boat Burial, Cornish Smugglers and the 'King of Prussia', Celtic Poetry, and much more!

Celtic Family Magazine is your quarterly source for the most interesting news, stories, arts, and photographs for and by Celtic descendants around the world. Celtic Family Magazine acts as an index for organizations, groups, destinations and retail outlets.

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