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Celtic Family Magazine Fall 2014 Issue #5

Fall 2014 #5 Samhain Special Edition

The Fall Issue, a Samhain special edition, features exclusive interviews with Scottish author and musician Chris Connelly, Irish writer Eimear McBride, Breton pipe band Bagad Kemper, Wednesday Mourning talks about Samhain traditions in fashion and beauty, a Tribute to Eirian Llwyd - Welsh Printmaker, and stories on Ireland's Dracula: Bram Stoker, the Celtic Owl, Honoring the Ancestors through Environmentalism, the Language of Samhain, Samhain foods and cultural traditions, The thirteen treasures of the island of Britain and much more!

Celtic Family Magazine is your quarterly source for the most interesting news, stories, arts, and photographs for and by Celtic descendants around the world. Celtic Family Magazine acts as an index for organizations, groups, destinations and retail outlets.