A Raven Above Press

Established in 2009 by Lorin Morgan-Richards, A Raven Above Press is an eclectic small press with selections ranging from Celtic, Indigenous, folklore, children's, poetry and art. A Raven Above Press specializes in the handmade process and limited print runs. A Raven Above Press is also the publisher of Celtic Family Magazine, Bringing the Circle Together Magazine, Bardic Beats Series, and has been the major sponsor for unique shows and exhibits including: Los Angeles St. David's Day Festival, Necessary Discomforts - an artistic tribute to Rozz Williams, Bringing the Circle Together: A Native American Film Series, and the Asian Pacific Islander-Native American Heritage Festival.

Lorin Morgan-Richards
Publisher, Editor-in-chief

Valerie Stoneking
Assistant Editor

Kate Cowie Riley
Copy Editor and Lead Contributing Writer (Celtic Family Magazine)

Daniel Carter
Sales Assistant


Authors published through A Raven Above Press:
Peter Anthony Freeman
Brian A. Kenny
Lorin Morgan-Richards
J.A. Pringles
Amanda Shepherd
Jason Shepherd
Stephanie Yost

Artists contributing to A Raven Above Press titles:
Jen Delyth, Monica Richards, Casey Ruic, Frankie Babylon, John Charles, Gina Turcios (rabbit), Phresha Le Vandale, David Richardson, Adrien Burke, Nicole Josephian, Kelly McCartin, Nicolas Caesar, Rick Dienzo Blanco, Meiling Chen, Nichola Hope, Chris Mann, Andrea Gutierrez, Calan Ree, Kimberly Wlassak, Sarah Hope, Jo Mazelis, Rochelle Shelly Rosenkild, Michele Witchipoo, Lorin Morgan-Richards, Xavier Lopez Jr., Rhys Jones, Liam O'Connor, Jeremy Cross, Jason Shepherd, Nathan Wyburn, Siobhan Owen, Brian A. Kenny, Kerry Evans, Judy Adamson, Danny Walden, Robert Karr, Grasiela Rodriguez, Daniele Serra, Spine Stealer, Laurent Castiau, Karen Richards, Ruth Jên Evans, Martyn Jones, Anthony Richards, Kelly Haigh, Eirian Llwyd, Rosa Hughes, Briana Lopez, G.E. Gallas, Carys Evans, Shelby Criswell, Neale Howells, Penny Richards.